A Pictorial Account of our House-building Experience

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Thursday, May 12

The first signs of any activity occured on Friday, May 6. The framework was put in place for pouring the foundation. The next day, some dirt and gravel were hauled in and put inside the framework. Four days later, on Tuesday, May 10, the builders were ready, and early in the morning on Wednesday, the 11th, the concrete was poured for a slab-foundation. We had been told by the owner of the development company that they would be starting the framing for the house on Thursday, but we figured Thursday was now going to be a curing day. Wrong.

Thursday morning, May 12, I drove by and there were men working at the site. I said I thought they would have to let it cure for a day, to which the foreman stamped a foot on the concrete a couple of times, looked at me and said, "I don't think it's going anywhere." And by end of the day, we found all the "plates" in place for the framing.

That evening we drove down to our lot see what had happened during the day. We had no idea what to expect. We walked around the slab and looked at the plates and the headers which had been constructed for over doors and windows. And it seemed like a lot had been done. Six days had passed since the dirt had been first disturbed. We were kind of stunned by the speed things were now moving at. And we really had seen nothing yet.

Those are headers, Mary, not flower boxes.

Sitting in my garage! Put the workbench over there!

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